Clever Organizing Tips Using Re-purposed Items


If you’re like me, you’ve had more than a few unorganized junk drawers/shelves/boxes/corners/bins/closets in your home at any given time. Simplicity has been a quest of mine for the last several years, and part of that includes finding simple ways to keep things organized. But it’s not always easy. I don’t want a convoluted organizational […]

31 Days to Peace :: Day 30 – Find Your Heart Verse


This autumn has been a doozy. I’m not sure why it’s been different from any other autumn. But it has, and it’s hard, because autumn and winter are my favorite seasons, with their bright colors, frigid temperatures that make me feel alive, and the hope of spring. At least they used to be… this one […]

31 Days to Peace :: Day 25 – Essential Oils for Anxiety and Panic Attacks


I went on a low-dose antidepressant in 2003, after being diagnosed with a depressive disorder. After 6 years, with my doctor’s approval and supervision, I began to wean off of it. Because my dose had gotten so low, and I had learned how to better manage my panic attacks, I was wanting to start looking […]