My Favorite Modest Tees and Layering Tops for Preteen & Teen Girls


I’ll just come right out and admit: I hate shopping for clothes. I really do.

Don’t get me wrong, I love wearing cute clothes, and looking nice, but I honestly have so many texture/fabric and fitting issues that I end up sticking with my tried-and-true comfy clothes.

So the idea of shopping for, and with, my daughter who is barreling down on 13, has been daunting.

When my daughter was little, she wore whatever I put on her, as long as it didn’t have tags, so, as long as I could remove the tag, shopping for her was simple. As she grew, she never had huge opinions on her clothes, except that they not look ‘too girly’.

My only requirement, all along, has been that it not be immodest.

Folks, let me tell you, that ain’t easy, especially for preteen and teen girls.

Most things that fit my daughter when I buy them end up shrinking two or three sizes from a month’s worth of washings. And I use the term ‘fit‘ loosely – most items I find, technically fit onto her body, but don’t actually cover it.

It can feel nearly impossible to find clothing that covers hips, cleavage and butt-cracks.

After asking on Twitter a couple of times, I headed to DownEast Basics, but was disappointed. While their Women’s tops had nice lengths, the girl’s tops, though adorable, still didn’t seem long enough for layering, and the long ones were tunics in patterns that didn’t interest my daughter.

I closed my browser feeling defeated again, and cussed Adam and Eve for eating that apple and sealing my fate to have to shop for clothes.

Several weeks later, I was back on the DownEast Basics site looking for some layering tops for myself and realized that they came in XX-Small, which would fit my preteen.

UGH – of course! I couldn’t believe I had overlooked this before.

A week later, my order arrived and I could not have been happier with the tops. The layering tops are a great length for wearing under shirts that are still in good shape, but are beginning to either shrink, or just be outgrown.

These tops also help with the low-rise jeans battle. It’s still difficult to find jeans that aren’t low-riders, and these tops keep underwear (and butt-cracks) covered.

After 4 months of wearing and washing, they are still the same length (no shrinkage), have held their shape, look great and the fabric hasn’t begun to pill. The colors haven’t even noticeably faded.

I feel so relieved to have these tops as an option. Even if I struggle to find other tops that are the right length, these tops make it a non-issue.

My only regret is that it took me so long to find them!

(And just because you might want to know, I was not paid or asked to write about these. I am sharing this simply because I know how difficult it was for me to find tops for my preteen daughter, and I hope this will help you.)

Where have you found longer, more modest tops for preteen/teen girls? Share with me!

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