Birmingham, Alabama: The Magic City Commemorates Its Past and Looks to Its Future

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2013 is the 50th anniversary of the Birmingham Civil Rights Movement, and throughout the year there are many events to commemorate and honor it.

Much has been written about it, and has even listed is as a Top 6 Travel Destination for 2013, so I’ve compiled some information for those of you who are looking for a trip to our beautiful city or just want to learn more about the past and journey of the people of our city and how it relates to the history of the entire country.

50 Year Foward

This site, from the City of Birmingham, is a beautiful tribute to the bravery of so many, who fought to move civil rights forward.

50 Years Forward has also partnered with Selma, AL, Washington, DC, Memphis, TN, Jackson, MS, Montgomery, AL, and Columbia, SC.

WHEN BIRMINGHAM’S BRAVEST were fighting for freedom in 1963, they were not alone. In cities all across the Southeast, courageous men and women joined in the movement that would break the vicious cycle of oppression—and change the world as we know it forever.

This year, as we commemorate the 50th anniversary of those fateful days, our sister cities in the Civil Rights Movement will come together in honoring the strength, the sacrifice and the triumph of all those who made it possible. Join us in celebrating 50 Years Forward.

50th Anniversary of the Civil Rights Movement in Birmingham

via Greater Birmingham Convention & Visitors Bureau

A list of events commemorating the 50th Anniversary of the Birmingham Civil Right movement during 2013.

Birmingham celebrates 50 years of civil rights history

via USAtoday

Events to see, and places to visit, including spots to see along the Civil Rights Heritage Trail.

From the ashes and rubble of these devastating acts arose the passion and determination necessary to catapult the fight for equal rights for people of all races. All of it will be on display in 2013 as Birmingham honors the lessons learned from its past. Organizations and institutions throughout the city will tell stories of 1963 through art exhibits, theater productions, musical performances and more.

Five Things To Expect In Birmingham 2013

via the Daily South

The cat’s out of the bag: Birmingham is where everyone wants to be. The latest: named The Magic City one of the top six travel destinations for 2013 on The Today Show. Of course we already thought that. (Southern Living is based in Birmingham.)

We’re excited about the attention our hometown is receiving. Here are five things to look forward to here in 2013.

UAB 50 Years Forward Events

via University of Alabama Birmingham (UAB)

Featured Events during 2013, brought to you by the University of Alabama, Birmingham. One of the featured events includes the world premiere of composer Yotam Haber’s A More Convenient Season, which commemorates the 50th anniversary of the Sixteenth Street Baptist Church bombing.

UAB and City of Birmingham announce partnership commemorating Civil Rights:

As the whole world watched, events in Birmingham, Alabama, sparked the beginning of the end of a centuries-long struggle for freedom in the United States of America. In the year leading up to the federal Civil Rights Act of 1964, the city’s most courageous citizens fought for a society in which all could all live as equals.

50 Years Forward: We commemorate “The Movement that Changed the World.”

As an institution committed to service, to excellence, to diversity, and to community involvement, the University of Alabama at Birmingham is a proud partner in the ongoing celebration of the strength and determination of those who made progress possible. It is our honor to join together with others to mark the enduring legacy of this incredible and now-storied victory over oppression, and to do so in a way that looks to the future. To the next “50 Years Forward.” To sharing new knowledge that benefits society. To advancing the cause of human rights as we educate tomorrow’s leaders. To improving quality of life for all.

Because as Birmingham goes, so goes the nation.

Birmingham Civil Rights Institue

The Birmingham Civil Rights Institute is “a large interpretive museum and research center in Birmingham, Alabama that depicts the struggles of the American Civil Rights Movement in the 1950s and 1960s.” and whose mission is to “promote civil and human rights worldwide through education.”

If you are from Birmingham: what would you recommend to visitors? If you have visited Birmingham, what was your favorite spot to visit? If you are planning a trip to Birmingham, what are you planning to see?

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