Shampoo Free – week 3

*I updated my last shampoo free post, to reflect the correct time-frame. I’ve never been good at math.


Groddy, right?

This week was a roller-coaster ride, especially in the hair area. It’s been wrought with transitioning. The oil- and groddy-factor? It has been high.

But today seems to have been a turning point. I washed it with an adjusted baking soda and water mixture (2 tbsp to 1 cup water; last week, I’m pretty sure I was over doing the baking soda) and a more diluted apple cider vinegar (ACV) rinse.

And… It feels wonderful tonight. A big change from last week and earlier this week.

This week’s care schedule:

Day 1: No washing. Can’t run my fingers through it. Feels super gross.

Day 2: Washed with too much baking soda, hoping to make up for groddiness, and rinsed with ACV. Dried slightly with blow dryer, then let air dry. Hair felt dry and crusty, despite thinking I rinsed it plenty. Still managed to pull it back into a pretty bun though.

Day 3: No washing. Can’t run my fingers through it. Braid it, just to do something with it. Feels super gross again.

Day 4: No washing. Can’t run my fingers through it. I didn’t wash it, hoping the oil would help the dryness. Not a good idea. More grossness.

(sensing a pattern for the week?)

Day 5: Washed with baking soda mixture and rinsed with ACV. Let air dry. Can’t run my fingers through it. Pony tail.

Day 6: No washing. Can’t run my fingers through it. A lot of grossness, and some itchy scalp. Alternate between braid and pony tail, with lots of brushing in between with my boar bristle brush.

Day 7: (today) Washed with baking soda mixture and rinsed with ACV. Was dying for some relief from the oil. My scalp also was very itchy prior to washing. Dried slightly with the dryer, then let air dry.

After day 7 of washing, I am happy with my hair again. It feels good. I can run my fingers through it. My scalp feels calm and good.

I’ll be posting the FAQs soon. I’ve had so many it’s taken me longer than I expected. Feel free to ask any other questions. I think I’ll try answering any additional ones in the weekly update posts.

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    • Karla says

      I do color my hair, and I’ve noticed no change in the color. I’ve read a lot of others who stated the same thing: that it has no impact on color or highlights.

  1. says

    Okay…I’m confused, science experiment? environmental statement? economic decision?

    I do know that shampoo has been mentioned as possibly being Bad for one’s hair…

    Shampoo almost seems symbolic in my case being Middle Age Bald Man.

    Baking soda is the substance of magic.

    Carry on. ;-)

  2. hippychick says

    Thanks for answering all the questions I was trying to ask on twitter! I’ve heard hair has to transition. I’ve started it as a way to get my hair residue free in an attempt to dread it naturally. (I think. I’m wondering if this white girl really has it in her…) hanks for writing about this!

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