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Home Education Recap – October 2014

October was a bit of whirlwind month, but I think we have settled nicely into a few routines - and a healthy dose of flexibility - that help us manage, even during times of busyness. Here is a brief summary of our month: Discretionary money, budgeting and … Read Full Article

making up their own lego kits

Home Education Recap – September 2014

September, like August, was filled with lots of fun, exploring and trying new things. We've still been spending time deschooling, but all-in-all, the kids seems to be getting really comfortable with being self-directed, self-paced, and the notion that they … Read Full Article

urban garden grown tomatoes

Home Education Recap – August 2014

It felt a bit silly to have a start date to our home education. We've always been aware of our surroundings and the world around us. Learning doesn't, and shouldn't, stop when you step out of a school room, so we had already spent the summer learning and … Read Full Article

how to make money real for kids

How to Make Money Real for Kids

Of all the topics that parents seem to struggle to talk about with their children, money is up there with sex. It's not that they are necessarily uncomfortable talking about it (though that may very well be the case), but I honestly think it is something … Read Full Article


Clever Organizing Tips Using Re-purposed Items

If you're like me, you've had more than a few unorganized junk drawers/shelves/boxes/corners/bins/closets in your home at any given time. Simplicity has been a quest of mine for the last several years, and part of that includes finding simple ways to keep … Read Full Article