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Essential Oils for Anxiety and Panic Attacks

I went on a low-dose antidepressant in 2003, after being diagnosed with a depressive disorder. After 6 years, with my doctor's approval and supervision, I began to wean off of it. Because my dose had gotten so low, and I had learned how to better manage my … Read Full Article

homemade sunflower butter

Homemade Sunflower Butter

Before I get to the (super simple) recipe for this delicious sunflower butter, I want to back up and give a bit of a back-story as to why I tried it in the first place. (feel free to skip it and jump to the recipe, if you hate back-stories - I won't be … Read Full Article


Shampoo Free FAQ

Let me start this post by proclaiming that I am so thankful that I didn't write up this FAQ early on in my shampoo-free journey. Because honestly? I had more questions, myself, each and every week, and finding answers was really confusing and often … Read Full Article