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Books For Teens Dealing With Anxiety

Two years ago, I wrote a post listing books that are helpful for helping children deal with anxiety. It's resonated with a lot of readers, and since posting it, I've received many emails requesting books for pre-teens and teens. My kids have gotten older, … Read Full Article


The 11 Best Resources For Minimalism

I'm often asked how I got started on my journey with minimalism, and, unlike others, such as Joshua Becker, I don't have a defining moment, a time that made me realize I needed or wanted to make changes towards creating a simplified life. For me, it was … Read Full Article

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Recent Home Education Updates

Let's state the obvious and suffice it to say, I've gotten lax keeping up with the home education update posts. Don't get me wrong - we certainly aren't running around crazy and frenetic, but that doesn't mean we have been sitting back on our haunches either. … Read Full Article


Thank you, 2014, and Happy 2015

2014 was a fun year for us and we are so thankful for all of you and the support you've given us! We've got some fun and exciting things planned for 2015. We're honored that you've come along for the ride and continue to hang on through it all. From … Read Full Article


Home Education Recap – November 2014

I didn't mean for the entire month of November to pass without any posts other than the monthly recap (which was late), yet here it is, a month passed, and I'm sitting on 4 posts in draft, waiting to be finished. I'm not going to beat myself up for it … Read Full Article


Home Education Recap – October 2014

October was a bit of whirlwind month, but I think we have settled nicely into a few routines - and a healthy dose of flexibility - that help us manage, even during times of busyness. Here is a brief summary of our month: Discretionary money, budgeting and … Read Full Article